About Blue Sky Telehealth 

We have been providing telehealth services since 2006. Telehealth programs use secure connections and if needed high definition video imaging and other sophisticated technologies to allow specialists to diagnose and treat patients remotely. Advances in medical technology and online security have expanded access to care via telehealth.

In metropolitan areas, small communities and rural areas, physician shortages pose significant challenges for hospitals whose patients require specialized care. Patients benefit from the improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians that telehealth facilitates.

Our Doctors, Your Patients

Blue Sky Telehealth is the future of healthcare. We provide emergency and routine consultations dedicated to solving the national specialty physician shortage.  Blue Sky Telehealth harnesses technology to improve access to specialized care. We provide innovative, cost-effective answers for hospitals seeking immediate access to experienced, board certified physicians.

In a partnership with your hospital, emergency department and local providers, our physicians will exceed your unmet specialist demand so you can save time and save lives in your own community.