How Telehealth Works

Blue Sky Telehealth provides access to specialists when your facility needs it most. Blue Sky Telehealth is the premier solution for enabling remote specialty consults anytime, anywhere.


  1. You call Blue Sky Telehealth - A single phone call to us initiates the consultation.

  2. We respond promptly - We have an average response time of three minutes in which we establish the acuity of the call.  After initial contact, our physicians initiate a video consultation if deemed necessary.

  3. Clinical information shared - CT images, tests and other critical medical data are pushed to our physician’s desktop.

  4. The attending physician and our physician confer - Our physician discusses the patient's case with the attending physician.

  5. Our physician examines the patient - With the assistance of the 'robot', our physician speaks with the patient, performs an examination, and records his or her medical history.

  6. Recommended course of action - Based on the information gathered during the assessment, the physician recommends a course of action for the patient and documents directly in your facility’s EMR.


Our Doctors, Your Patients.

Your specialist on call support should never be a compromise. Expertise in current therapies and fast response times with superior customer service are the ideals that characterize every Blue Sky patient's care interaction.  Blue Sky Telehealth gives you the ability to provide your patients with access to high quality on-call specialist support. Contact us to explore Blue Sky Telehealth services that we can customize for the unique needs of your facility.