Telehealth Infectious Disease

As the national shortage of physicians trained in infectious diseases worsens, the risk of infection with multidrug resistant organisms, along with the risk of C. difficile colitis continues to rise. At the same time, approaches to the management of sepsis and other infectious conditions change regularly. Consequently, without the assistance of infectious disease specialists many hospitals could miss the opportunity to optimally manage their patients.
Working alongside your hospital staff, our experienced infectious disease physicians provide peer-to-peer support to help manage conditions ranging from chronic outpatient illness to more emergent, life threatening conditions. We customize our call coverage to suit your organization’s needs.

Telehealth Antimicrobial Stewardship

In response to the rising threat of bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics, national organizations, including CMS (as a Condition of Participation) and TJC, are now requiring hospitals, LTACS and skilled nursing facilities to have an active antimicrobial stewardship program in place. Telehealth Infectious Disease offers a stewardship service that can work with your facility staff remotely to achieve and maintain this goal. Our experienced team includes Infection Preventionists, Doctors of Pharmacy and supervising ID physicians. We can tailor an ongoing program that will serve your needs by working with current staff and technologies to create and maintain an active program that will promote quality and patient/staff safety, and satisfy the core elements of a stewardship program.