Telehealth Antimicrobial Stewardship

In response to the rising threat of bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics, national organizations, including CMS (as a Condition of Participation) and The Joint Commission, are now requiring hospitals, LTACs and skilled nursing facilities to have an active antimicrobial
stewardship program in place. 

Our telehealth infectious disease program offers a stewardship service that can work with your facility staff remotely to achieve and maintain this goal. 
An antimicrobial stewardship program enables facilities to improve patient outcomes, reduce antimicrobial resistance and limit the spread of infections related to resistant organisms. 

Our experienced team includes infection preventionists, doctors of pharmacy and supervising infectious disease physicians. We can assist your organization
in creating and maintaining a stewardship program that satisfies the core elements listed above. The goal of our antimicrobial stewardship offering is
to create and maintain an active program that will promote quality, improve outcomes, and focuses on patient safety.