According to the CDC, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Timing and physician expertise are critical factors in providing the appropriate treatment. In the world of stroke care, neurology providers live by a simple saying: time is brain. There is a narrow window of opportunity to evaluate, diagnose and treat a stroke victim. A patient has a better chance of recovering from the effects of an acute stroke if treatment is given early. Unfortunately, the shortage of stroke neurologists makes it difficult to find qualified physicians to offer exceptional around the clock stroke coverage, especially in smaller cities or rural areas.

Our Doctors, Your Patients

Blue Sky Telehealth can assist your Emergency Department by rapidly evaluating and treating your stroke patients. Telehealth technology enables us to provide our cutting edge expertise to hospitals in any location. With our 3 minute response time, we can ensure your stroke patients receive lifesaving treatment within the critical treatment window. Your emergency medicine team and patient can view our neurologist, while our neurologist can view your patient and emergency medicine team. Both teams work collaboratively to use an agreed upon set of protocols to perform the evaluation and begin treatment.