The benefits of telehealth over locums

Not only does telehealth give medical facilities 24/7 access to highly trained providers, it's often a cheaper alternative to locums and travel nurses.
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April 01, 2023

Oftentimes, when there is a need for supplemental talent, hospitals will hire locums to temporarily fill the positions they are short-staffed on. While it does serve a purpose, hiring locums also has its disadvantages — especially when it comes to commitment to your patients’ care and facility function.

Telehealth is a more beneficial, viable option for providing patients care and the betterment of your hospital.

The Issue with Locums

The main problem with locums, along with travel nurses and other temporary physicians, is that they do not have any reason to become truly invested in the care of your patients or growth of your facility.

While they will, of course, fulfill their oaths to care for and treat patients to the best of their ability, they will not be there for patient follow-ups or to more deeply understand that patient’s progress.

Additionally, locums and travel nurses do not become involved in hospital procedures or growth. They will likely not make suggestions for improving processes, simply because they aren’t that invested in them.

How Telehealth is Different

Invested in Your Patients

At Blue Sky Telehealth, our philosophy is to provide the care patients need with outstanding customer services — regardless of the patient’s location. We are available 24/7 to treat patients who require our care, so you are able to give your community access to a wide range of medical specialty services.

Invested in Your Facility

When you integrate Blue Sky Telehealth services in your hospital, you’re working with a team of board-certified, highly-trained physicians who work with you, not just for you. By partnering with you in your existing programs, we can identify and suggest improvements and work with you to implement positive changes.

More Cost-Effective

The telehealth services offered by Blue Sky Telehealth are often cheaper than the cost of paying locums and travel nurses. For hospitals with smaller budgets, this proves to be a cost-effective solution to affordably having the right talent.

Get Started with Blue Sky TeleHealth

We use online programs and HD video imaging, along with other sophisticated technologies, to remotely diagnose and treat our patients with telehealth. People in rural communities who once had to travel long distances for advanced medical care can now receive these services close-to-home.

Through Blue Sky Telehealth, your patients benefit from improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians available online 24/7 from our facilities.

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