Remote EEG

Blue Sky Telehealth’s Remote EEG program, which boasts the largest group of epileptologists in the country, makes remote monitoring and analysis of EEG tests possible.
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remote monitoring and analysis of EEG tests

Cost-effective and efficient EEG monitoring

Many hospitals are equipped with EEG technology, but not all of them are staffed with a knowledgeable neurologist who can interpret the results and provide guidance for treatment.

At Blue Sky Telehealth, we offer remote monitoring and analysis of EEG tests. Our systems and processes integrate with hospitals’ existing technology.

For many hospitals in remote and rural areas, neurology is an important department but one that rarely has enough patients to justify keeping a full-time neurologist on staff. Blue Sky Telehealths’ Remote EEG program enables hospitals to provide EEG monitoring in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

collaborative care

We Are Part of the Overall Team

When we partner with medical facilities, our team becomes part of their team. We don’t take over plan of care for patients. Rather, our physicians analyze results and share their findings with the attending physician. Our service serves as an extension of the onsite team’s existing patient care capabilities.


Physician-owned and led


EEG interpretation coverage


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Remote EEG
Leadership Team

Our clinical and operations leaders bring an enormous amount of expertise to the work they do each and every day. The outcome: exceptional care for our patients and positive results for our healthcare partners.

Clinical Leadership

Chalita Atallah
Chalita Atallah, MD
Medical Director, Remote EEG

Corporate Leadership

Nicole Kirkweg
Nicole Kirkweg, MBA
Vice President of Operations
CarePoint Health Corporate Office
Beth Fonfara
Beth Fonfara
Senior Manager of Operations
CarePoint Health Corporate Office
Derek Nye
Derek Nye, MBA
Director of Operations
CarePoint Health Corporate Office
Becky Van Vliet
Becky van Vliet, DNP, APRN, ACCNS-AG, CNRN
Director of Quality
CarePoint Health Corporate Office