How telehealth benefits rural community hospitals

Telehealth services allow highly trained specialists to beam into any hospital, no matter how rural, and provide specialized care to patients.
Rural community

December 01, 2022

When it comes to healthcare and medical care, rural communities can sometimes be lacking. For several reasons, rural community hospitals are often unable to provide their patients with the care they require and seek.

In order to provide better, more specialized care in these communities, consider adding telehealth services to your hospital system.

The Benefits Telehealth Offers Hospitals in Rural Communities

Offer Patients More Specialized Services

One of the main challenges hospitals in rural communities face is offering their patients more than general care. Oftentimes, patients in these areas must travel to hospitals farther away in order to see specialists otherwise unavailable in their own communities.

Telehealth services allow highly-trained specialists to beam into various hospitals when patients require more specific care, such as that related to neurological conditions.

Combat Provider Shortages

Rural hospitals are often unable to staff top-rated physicians and specialists — either due to a lack of financial funding or because they cannot find physicians willing to live in more remote locations.

By having telehealth services in place, staff can be supplemented with highly-trained talent that is available 24/7 for remote neurology, EEG, emergency medicine, and more.

Provide Financial Benefits

Smaller hospitals in rural communities often do not have the financial means to keep full-time specialists on staff, resulting in an inability to treat patients with certain conditions. Telemedicine can be a cost-effective alternative so that rural hospitals have access to board-certified specialists when they’re needed.

Provide Time-Sensitive Care

If a patient comes in experiencing symptoms associated with stroke, specific steps need to be taken as soon as possible. If a neurologist is not present when a patient arrives at a rural hospital, time will be wasted when transporting them to a farther facility to see the proper specialist.

Telehealth services, such as those offered at Blue Sky Telehealth, can help minimize door-to-needle times for stroke patients, saving lives.

Improve Your Medical Care with Telehealth

At Blue Sky Telehealth, fast response times with outstanding customer service from a highly-skilled medical professional are integral to every patient interaction. We can work with you to build a customized telehealth system that fits the unique needs of your facility.

Through Blue Sky TeleHealth, your patients benefit from improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians available online 24/7 from our facilities. Contact us today to learn more or get started with our process.