Is telehealth more cost-effective than having a specialist on staff?

Because specialists are expensive and smaller hospitals have leaner budgets, telehealth is a great option for many medical facilities.
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October 01, 2023

In order to provide your patients with the best care possible, it is essential to staff your hospital with top-talent and highly-trained doctors and surgeons. However, when considering the cost of keeping certain specialists on staff, it may not be financially feasible to do so — this can be especially true for rural or smaller hospital systems.

In cases like these, you and your team may find it difficult to find a solution that suits both your patients’ needs and your budget. Telehealth services can offer large savings for hospitals while providing your patients with top-quality care without keeping specialists on staff full-time.

How Telehealth Provides Cost-Savings Solutions for Care

Specialists are Necessary but Expensive

While hospitals must be able to provide patients with special medical attention, keeping those specialists on staff can be quite costly. For example, it’s best to have a neurologist available to address patients exhibiting symptoms of a stroke; however, a neurologist’s salary can cost your hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars a year — and you’ll need to staff more than one in order to avoid having a single person on call 24 hours a day.

Smaller Hospitals Don’t Have Large Budgets

While large hospital systems may have the budget to pay specialists to stay on staff full-time, smaller and rural hospitals often do not. These hospitals often find themselves financially struggling to provide patients with the best care or are unable to do so at their own facility.

Telehealth is More Cost-Effective

Rather than require a hospital to keep specialists to be on staff, telemedicine allows hospitals to have board-certified, highly-trained specialists beam in when you need them. This allows you to save thousands of dollars per year while providing your patients with the expert, time-sensitive care they need and deserve.

Getting Started with Blue Sky Telehealth

At Blue Sky Telehealth, we strive to provide rural and small-town hospitals with more comprehensive resources to serve their community, especially in medical emergencies. We do not expect our affiliates to purchase excessive amounts of costly technology to integrate with us. Instead, we build a customized version of our telehealth services to meet the unique needs of our partners.

To learn more about our telehealth services or get started adding telehealth to your hospital system, contact us online or call us at (303) 900-4258 today!