Using telehealth to supplement talent

Telehealth support gives medical facilities access to remote talent and can keep on-site teams happier by preventing burnout.
Medical providers standing with their arms crossed

August 01, 2023

Every hospital aims to have a staff of the best talent possible in order to provide their patients with the best care possible. However, whether due to limited access to specialists or a smaller staff, this isn’t always possible.

Rather than put added stress on your current on-site staff, consider the benefits of using telehealth to supplement talent.

How Telehealth Can Give Your Facility Access to Better Talent

Certain Specialists Are Hard to Come By

There is a reason that specialists are referred to as such — not every physician is trained and qualified to treat certain issues. Many medical programs and fellowships only accept a limited number of aspiring doctors into particular programs, making the pool of qualified applicants relatively small.

Clinician Burnout is Becoming More Common

Even in larger hospitals in metro areas, it isn’t uncommon to have only a small number of specialists on-site to serve a large number of patients. This can put a lot of added pressure on current staff as they struggle to work quickly to attend to all of their patients while still providing them with adequate care.

This stress can leave them emotionally drained, unhappy in their current roles, and potentially cause them to quit entirely — forcing your facility to experience the added costs of recruiting replacement talent if they do.

How Telehealth Can Supplement Talent

Access to Remote Talent

Telehealth gives your facility access to physicians no matter where you’re located. This is especially important when it comes to accessing additional specialists like neurologists, cardiologists, and vascular doctors, so on-site staff has help caring for their patients.

Keep Current Staff Happier

When telehealth provides additional support, on-site doctors can feel less pressure caring for certain patients, such as those exhibiting stroke symptoms. This helps keep them more at ease and happier in their current roles.

Improve Patient Care

Once they are happier in their roles and experience less burnout due to the supplemented help telehealth offers, physicians can be more empathetic with their patients and provide them with greater care.

Providing Telemedicine Services to Hospitals in Rural Communities

Physician shortages pose significant challenges for hospitals whose patients require specialized care, such as with neurology or pediatric emergency medicine. Through Blue Sky Telehealth, your patients benefit from improved access to teams of highly qualified physicians available online 24/7 from our facilities.

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