Using telehealth in time-sensitive situations

When time is of the utmost importance, telehealth services bring highly trained physicians into the exam room within minutes to assist with necessary treatment.
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June 01, 2023

While certain health issues allow for more time for diagnosis and treatment, there are other conditions in which time is of the essence — and a lack of quick reaction can have dire consequences.

Knowing this, if a patient enters a hospital without the proper specialists ready to treat them, time can be wasted and life could be lost. Telehealth services help avoid this situation by bringing highly-trained physicians into the exam room within minutes to assist with necessary treatment.

Common Concerns with Time-Sensitive Treatments

Certain Health Issues Need Immediate Care

If a patient presents with neurological symptoms, such as those associated with stroke, there is a very small window of time in which physicians have to treat them. If a patient does not receive treatment in the proper amount of time, their condition could worsen, and they can be left with life-long side effects.

Reaching a Specialist In-Person Wastes Time

Especially for patients who live in rural communities, a lot of time can be wasted simply getting them to the hospital in the first place. Now, if that patient needs to be taken to a hospital farther away (if their local facility doesn’t have a stroke specialist or neurologist) even more time will be wasted and their condition can deteriorate during the drive.

Telehealth Offers Solutions

Supplement Staff

Perhaps your hospital does keep a neurologist on staff, but they are not on-site when a patient comes in presenting stroke symptoms. With telehealth services, you can have a highly-trained stroke specialist beam in within minutes to assist your present staff 24/7.

In fact, Blue Sky has an average call back time from being notified of a stroke alert of about 2.5 minutes and often call back in less than a minute.

Ready When Patients Arrive

Telehealth allows a neurologist to log into the camera before your patient even arrives at the hospital. While your staff is waiting for the patient to arrive at your hospital, your teleneurologist can assess their EMS report and then make quick, key decisions upon patient arrival.

We Offer Telestroke Steps for Success

The telehealth services offered at Blue Sky Telehealth help your facility minimize door-to-needle times for stroke patients. When you become a partner of Blue Sky Telehealth, we build a customized teleneurology program built to meet the unique needs of your facility and community.

Contact us today to discuss your facility’s need for teleneurology.